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Every Child Matters


Be Healthy

There are a range of opportunities within our curriculum where children are taught the importance of being healthy.  From making fruit smoothies in Year 1 to cleaning teeth in Year 3, recording heart rates in Year 5 and examining micro-organisms in Year 6, health topics are studied alongside healthy practices such as hand washing and healthy eating.

Our school kitchen follows the recommendations of the School Food Agency.  There are always 3 meal choices to tempt pupils with vegetables and a salad bar always on offer.  School Meals are proving ever more popular and more and more meals are cooked fresh on site.  Sometimes, these even include food grown in our school garden!

Children and families are supported to be healthy through our medicines policies.  We support children with a range of health conditions and work with families alongside our colleagues in the school nursing service where health concerns cause poor attendance.

Be Safe

We have numerous risk assessments in place covering a whole range of activities both in and outside school, the aim of all of these is to help and encourage children to take risks within safe parameters.  Our site is secured with a range of magnetic gates and intercom systems and governors regularly check the site for safety.  We follow safe practice guidelines in subjects such as PE and Science.

Our strong behaviour and anti-bullying policies keep children safe in the playground and any incidents are dealt with quickly and thoroughly.  We welcome working with parents if there are any concerns about relationships with other children. A copy of our behaviour policy is available on a link on the inclusion page.

The school is committed to safeguarding and safer recruitment.  Robust Child Protection procedures are in place.  Should you have any child protection concerns, pleaase speak to one of our designated Child Protection officers: Kate Cameron, Debbie Dettmar, Helen Jackson.  Our child protection policy is available in the policies section of the website.

Our Child Protection Policy is here and is updated annually.

Domestic Violence Notifications
Leeds Joint Agency Protocol for Domestic Violence and Abuse: School and Higher Education Notifications (DVA Notifications Process) has been established to support children who are resident in households where there are incidents of domestic violence and abuse. We know that children can be significantly physically or emotionally hurt by being either present in the house or directly witnessing an incident of domestic violence.
The DVA Notification Process has been designed to provide confidential notification to schools and higher education establishments on any incidents of domestic violence and abuse which occur within a child’s household that might have an impact on a child whilst they are in school / higher education.
The process will ensure that a member of staff is trained to allow them to use the information that has been shared, in confidence, and ensure that the school / higher education establishment is able to make provision for possible difficulties experienced by children, or their families, who have been involved in or witnessed a domestic violence or abuse incident.
We are keen to offer the best support possible to our pupils and we believe this is going to be extremely beneficial for all those involved.
If you would like further support or information about domestic violence and abuse please go to www.leedsdomesticviolenceandabuse.co.uk

Enjoy and Achieve

Our curriculum and achievement pages contain more information about this area which is central to everything we do.  Our aim is to foster a life-long love of learning and a sense of pride in achievements in all spheres and at all levels.

Make a Positive Contribution

We believe this is essential for children to develop as responsible citizens and to develop their own sense of self esteem.  We have an active school council which responds to suggestions from class councils.  Our older children have the opportunity to put themselves forward for 'House Captains' and children in all classes have responsibilities for a variety of jobs and daily routines.

Achieve Economic Wellbeing

A key element of this is the rigorous teaching of key skills in Literacy and Mathematics but we also support families to access other services and can provide support through the Early Help Plans and through various other extended services.  We are able to provide childcare by partnering with other providers from 8am until 6pm to support working families.  Please get in touch with our Learning Mentor if you would like any further family support.

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