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We were most recently inspected by Ofsted on 21st and 22nd April 2016 and were judged to be a 'GOOD' school in every area.  Here are some of the highlights from our report:

"The school provides a harmonious learning community where diversity is welcomed and celebrated. This inclusive approach and strong ethos enable pupils of many faiths and religions to learn well together.

Pupils’ personal development and welfare are good. The quality of care, nurture and support that is provided enables pupils to feel safe, attend regularly and achieve well.

Behaviour in lessons and around the school is good. Pupils are respectful and polite; they relate well to one another and are justifiably proud of their school.

Children in the early years get off to a good start. They make good progress from their starting points and are increasingly better prepared for Year1.

The co-headteachers are dedicated and passionate about developing a school culture of continuous improvement rooted in care and support for all. They have sharpened practice to bring about improvements in teaching and learning and to secure better outcomes for pupils. Their commitment has brought about significant improvements since the previous inspection.

Governance is highly effective. Governors are knowledgeable. They challenge, question and support school leaders. Together, they present a formidable force for improvement.

The curriculum is well planned and meets the needs and interests of pupils. There is a focus on the basic skills of literacy and numeracy. Pupils’ learning in the more creative subjects is developing strongly through topic work. Pupils have many opportunities to enhance their experiences.

The leadership of the provision and support for pupils who have special educational needs and disabilities is good. Close links mean that the local children’s centre makes staff aware early on of any pupils with particular needs. Staff observe pupils who speak English as an additional language or arrive mid-year closely and monitor their progress carefully. The school works hard to engage parents and keep them informed.

Since the previous inspection, significant work has been carried out to secure good teaching and learning. Senior leaders have worked diligently to develop the skills of individual teachers through training, rigorous monitoring and discussion. As a result, there are many strengths to the teaching across the school.

Parents and staff agree that the school deals effectively with bullying. Pupils have a well-developed understanding of what bullying is. Furthermore, they are quite clear that where bullying has taken place, this has been dealt with quickly and effectively by staff."

Link to our full Ofsted Report on the Ofsted Website

We were also inspected by the diocese under the Statuory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools on December 10th 2015.

The school was judged to be a GOOD church school with OUTSTANDING leadership and Management.

Link to  Statutory Insepction of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) There is also a link to the report on our home page.

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