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How do I know what my child is learning at the moment?

Non-negotiables for Reading, Writing and Maths

These are they key learning objectives in each year group which are the essential building blocks for children to master in order to be successful by the end of the Key Stage.  In Year 2 and 6 these are set by the government.  They are available on our website and you will get a copy at parent’s evening and with your child’s annual report.  If your child did not achieve all the non-negotiables last year, you’ll see them as targets on their target sheet…

Personalised Targets:

Your child will have a set of very carefully planned targets that they are working towards – teachers spend a lot of time setting these and they are important.  In KS2 these are to be achieved over the term with a big treat for those children who achieve them all.  In KS1, children get a prize when they show they have consistently met their target.  Their targets are meant to be challenging but achievable with some hard work and focus.  Speak to your child’s teacher if you would like to discuss them.


Most weeks, your child’s homework will reflect what they have been learning in class.  Supporting them with this is a good way of getting to know what they are learning at the moment. 

How can I help at home?

Helping at home:

Reading, reading reading!!!!  Research shows that reading a wide range of quality books helps children’s general knowledge, spelling, vocabulary, imaginative writing and basically makes them clever!  Please read with and to them and sign reading records at least 3 times a week.


As well as this it helps to practise and learn spellings, number facts and times tables and make sure homework is completed on time.  

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