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Thank you to one of our parents for this recent email (reproduced with permission):

I came to the UK with two children amid Covid restrictions. It was bewildering trying to figure out how things work in the UK. I hardly knew anyone in Leeds. But Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Timmins—you made us feel so welcome as you took us into the BSM family, and suddenly we weren’t quite so alone anymore.

My children didn’t know how to speak English. They are speaking fluently now. I was worried that they couldn’t read English, but Mrs. St Rose and Ms. Marray assured me that they would take care of my daughter, and they have. I was surprised at how quickly she learned! Everyone I have met here, from Mr. Mohammed who greets us at the gate to all the teachers—Ms. Hudson, Mr. Ahmed, Ms. Cordingley, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Nassim, and the parents of my children's friends, have made the BSM experience very special for us.

I have never had the chance to speak to the headteachers of the school, but would you please convey to them on my behalf that they are doing an amazing job? “Amazing” is the word that my son keeps using to describe the people at BSM. My children have been learning kindness, caring, loving, sharing at BSM.

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