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Feb 2020

"Christian values are at the heart of all the school does. The school's motto is Everyone is special. The co-headteachers have created a school community with a real family feel. Staff regularly go the extra mile to keep the pupils safe and happy. They also provide fantastic support for pupils families.  Pupils enjoy their lessons. They work hard and want to do well."

"Staff have high expectations for every pupil . No one is ever written off ’’. They want each pupil to be their best in everything... Teachers are working hard to make every subject even
better. Relationships across the school are warm and nurturing."

Link to our full Ofsted Report on the Ofsted Website

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools says:

Burley St Matthias is a GOOD school with OUTSTANDING Leadership and Management

"The school describes itself as the Burley St Matthias family and this is evident in the warmth of the relationships between all members of the school community. Parents of diverse religious backgrounds uniformly assert that the school’s Christian ethos underpins the fact that everyone ‘goes the extra mile’ to support learners and their families."

Read the Full Report here

Please watch this video

This video has all the important information parents need for the full reopening of school on 7th Septmber 2020.  The vast majority of this information remain relevant for the rest of the year.  Please make time to watch it.

Full Reopening for parents September 2020.mp4

Here is a very important message to all our 

Burley St Matthias Family!

Message to Children Two.mp4

Risk Assessment

The current risk assessment for school in line with current COVID-19 restrictions an risks is available here:

Front Page

Pre-opening Checks

Ongoing Procedures

Primary Testing (of staff)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Update 1st March 2021

The latest government announcement is that school will be open for ALL pupils to attend from 8th March.  The updated risk assessment is available on this page but in essence we will be operating much the same way as in the autumn term.  Please take into account the following:

  • Staggered start and finish times will resume (even classes 8:45am - 3pm; odd classes 9am-3:20pm)
  • Face coverings should be worn by parents at drop off and pick up and the one way system in KS2 should be observed
  • Pupils will remain in bubbles through the day with all the hygiene measures remaining
  • We may still need to close bubbles if there is a positive case - please inform us of any test results.
  • Please do your best with uniform - we would like to see the children 'ready' to return to school.

We are really looking forward to seeing the children back in the building.  If you have any concerns that you wish to discuss, please contact the school office.

Update 27th January 2021

We are still awaiting further information from government about how and when schools might reopen fully to all pupils.  We currently have around 33% of our pupils attending site which is higher than the national average of 21%.  All the information about remote learning is on the Remote Learning tabs on the website - there is a general one and one for each class as well.

As we approach February Half Term we are considering whether we may need to review some of the school places that have been offered in order to accomodate more pupils who are experiencing new vulnerablilities whilst still keeping numbers to a minimum.  We will be in touch with you if this affects your child's place in school.

Update 4th January 2021

Thank you for your patience as we made and communicated plans for school places during the forthcoming national lockdown.  All pupils whom we are current able to offer a place to have been sent a text message with this information.  If you have NOT had this message then your child must please remain at home. Work will be posted on Google Classroom (Y2-6) or Tapestry (YR-1) and there will be a Google Meet or a Zoom for all pupils at 10am on Tuesday 5th Jan.  A register will be taken.

Update 1st November

Following the government announcement last night of a national lockdown we just wanted to make you aware of a few things regarding school.  We have had no further guidance from DfE yet, so this might change, but this is what we know and are doing at the moment to try and make sure we can keep going in a safe environment:

  • School is not open on Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd November for training days.  We are spending time redesigning the curriculum and working out what we need to teach in the coming year.
  • From Wednesday school is open again as normal for all pupils.  All pupils are expected to attend unless they are unwell or are self isolating because they are a close contact of someone who has Covid 19 symptoms or has tested positive for Covid 19, or are quarantining.
  • You must not 'drop in' to the school building for any reason unless it is absolutely urgent.  Please telephone, or speak to us on the intercom if you need to speak to a member of staff.
  • If you do need to enter the building you MUST wear a face covering unless you are exempt.  You will not be allowed to enter without one.
  • We strongly advise all parents and older siblings to wear a face covering at drop off and pick up as there are places in school where it is difficult to social distance.
  • You MUST wait in our playgrounds and NOT on the pavements outside school.  Please respect our one way system.
  • It is very important that we ventilate the classrooms well.  This means keeping the windows open as much as possible.  If your child is feeling cold, please ensure they have extra layers on e.g. a vest or t shirt under their school shirt,  a plain or extra cardigan or tracksuit top may be worn over jumpers.  Please make them school colours if you can but otherwise as plain as possible.
  • We will continue to get outside for breaks and lunchtimes.  Please make sure your child has suitable footwear and  coat.  We do try and keep them off the mud - maybe you could remind them about this as well!
  • It is more important than ever that children are familiar with and can get online to access remote learning - its almost bound to happen at some point that they need this.  It is useful to have parent feedback on this as it is difficult for us to know how the children experience things at home, so we welcome your constructive feedback.  We do also need everyone to make a massive effort to get children online.  Attendance has been bad the last half term. Children are missing vital lessons.  Teachers are working incredibly hard to make sure lessons are available online. We are working hard to make more devices available for loan but all this is pointless if children don't go online and do their work.  Homework is being set weekly on Google Classroom or Tapestry to try and get everyone in the online habit.  Let us know what your difficulties are so we can try and help.

Finally, may we just say that it remains a privilege to serve our community.  We would like to pay tribute to the children who have settled back so well into the challenging new environment; to you as parents for all the support you have shown us and also to our staff who have worked tirelessly to learn new skills, redesign plans, assess children's knowledge and gaps and above all make them feel welcome and safe in school.

Thank you, one and all.  Let's take a deep breath and cross our fingers for a smooth run up to Christmas!

Ms Cameron and Ms Dettmar

Update 1st October

Our full remote learning strategy is now in place and you can read all about it on the main page for Remote Learning.  Each class also has their own page with some Get Going information and links to either Google Classroom or Tapestry.  We are all still learning how this works and children are having dedicated lessons in school learning how to learn at home: we might not get it right all the time but we will do our best to help you at home in getting access to learning if your child has to self-isolate.

Update 22nd September

Please find attached the latest risk assessment for school here.

Update 7th September

The government have issued updated guidance for parents and carers on children's return to school.  You can find it here.

Update 14th July

Please watch the 15 minute video on school reopening details.  If it doesn't work the information is also here.  

Please note that drop off and pick up for: 

even classes (YR, Y2, Y4, Y6) will be 8:45am and 3pm  

odd classes (Y1, Y3, Y5) will be          9am and 3:20pm. 

There is information in the video about what to do about siblings.

All children (apart from new reception starters) start school again on                7th September 2020.

Update 10th July

We don't have all our plans ready yet for full reopening in Septmber, but here is a letter with some of the things we know so far.

Update 16th June

Having assessed the demand for places and the capacity of our classrooms and different bubbles, we find ourselves in the sad position of having to put in place admission criteria for any spare spaces.  A space will only be deemed 'spare' for a pupil in a suitable year group (ie we will not put a reception pupil in an otherwise Y6 bubble).  In discussion with our governors, the admission criteria have been agreed as:

1) Children of critical workers and those identified as otherwise vulnerable;

2) Pupils in Year Reception, 1 or 6;

3) Pupils of siblings already in school;

4) Pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium.

Where there is a tie for a spare space on any of the given criteria, the date and time of the request will be taken into account.

Update 15th June

We are looking this week to how we can 'fill up' the spare spaces in our bubbles and offer places to more children who want to return to school.  If your child is in Years R/1/6 you will need to let us know by Tuesday 16th June if you wish to start taking your offered place.

Spare places will then be allocated to those children whose parents have requested them.  You will recieve a letter.

A thorough risk assessment has been done and updated this week and is supported by both governors and H&S officers from Leeds City Council who came to school to check our arrangements. 

The risk assessment is available here.

UPDATE 10th June

We've had a wonderful first couple of weeks back to Burley St Matthias School (no longer Superhero School) and we are going to celebrate with an online zoom assembly on Friday 12th June at 9:45am with ethos ambassador certificates for children both in school and at home.  You will be sent an invitation and a password by text message and email.  When you log on, please use a name we will recognise as we may not 'admit' people we don't know.  The assembly will be recorded and put onto a special Purple Mash blog for those who want to view it later so by loggin on, you consent to it being recorded.  We hope this will be a wonderful way to bring our community together.

Update 22nd May

Letters have been sent out today to all those invited to return to school, if the government gives the go ahead, from 1st June.  This is pupils in Reception, Years 1 and Year 6 and those with parents who are key workers or those who have been identified as particularly benefitting from being in school.

Please note MONDAY 1ST JUNE WILL BE A TRAINING DAY FOR STAFF. If you read the risk assessment, you will understand why! 

Parents Questions

You asked lots of questions in our recent survey.  Hopefully you find your question and our answer here.

Update 16th May

Please watch this 20 minute explanation (with pictures!) of the planning for school reopening from June 1st (above).  It may take a while to download.  If you can't see it, the information is also here.

THEN:  Please complete this survey for each of your children.

Please encourage all your friends with children at the school to access this communication.  It is vital we get a response for each child in school.

Thank you.

Update 12th May

The government has asked us to prepare to welcome children in Years Reception, One and Six back to school starting from the 1st June.  Guidance has been issued about how schools are to manage this and there is guidance for parents here.

We are working on our reponse to these plans but don't want to communicate these with you before we are clearer about how we propose it will all work at BSM.  Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, school remains open for all pupils identified as children of key workers or 'vulnerable'.  We need to match our staffing levels carefully to the number of children in school on any given day so it is essential that you give us 3 days notice if you wish to access childcare differently.

Update 7th May

School will be closed for the Bank Holiday tomorrow as no families have requested childcare.  If your circumstances change and you find you do need care you can access this via



Update 19th April

Welcome to the start of the summer term!  If you haven't got into a routine for a bit of learning each day yet, then now could be the time to start.  Learning can look like lots of different things and it's important to work out what works for your family.  There is more information about our planning for the summer term on the main schools closure page here.  We are trying to provide more structure and links to the BBC offer which gives you more chance to access good quality resources through the TV red button as well as using a computer.  Paper based packs as a last resort need to be ordered through the link on a text message already sent out.

We are also launching class blogs for every class as a more secure way for children to keep in touch with each other and their teachers.

For parents will children eligible for benefits related Free School Meals, the National Voucher Scheme which we hoped to start using (it gives you more choice of supermarkets) has been completely overwhelmed and is still not working properly.  We have therefore purchased a further 2 weeks of vouchers, for which you should get an email early this week.  After that we HOPE to move to the national scheme!

Update12th April

Wishing all our families a happy, blessed and safe Easter. Whatever you celebrate today, we are One People.

All previous letters to parents are now at the bottom of this section.

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately reports and referals of Domestic Violence and Abuse are up across the city.  If you are suffering from this, please visit this link:


Hello from the new 'Superhero School' as named by the children on Monday 23rd March. Please see here for a parents' 'Survival Guide' to managing Learning at Home.  We know it's not easy!

We have a new school email account for sending in pictures or messages which we will then post on our website so the kids can see what each other are up to.  Please don't send anything you are not happy for us to publish. Email:


We have created a dedicated tab for school closure information (see left).  There is a general tab, tabs for each year group, a tab for SEN pupils and a further tab with even more ideas.  There is also a Superhero School tab now so you can keep up with what we have been doing in school.

Children have already been sent home packs of work.  If you are starting to run out and can't print things out at home, get in touch on the new email address: superheroes@burleystmatthias.co.uk and we will endeavour to get something in the post for you.

Letters to parents which have been sent home  are available to download here if you need them:

Letter to parents 3rd April

18th March

17th March

13th March

Ofsted Inspection 2020

Our Ofsted report has been published and is available here.

What's On This Term?

Please have a look at the powerpoint which is on in the foyer which has a summary of what classes are learning this term and some of the other things that are going on in school.


Burley St Matthias Privacy Notice for pupils and their families

Burley St Matthias CE Primary School is the data controller of the personal information you provide to us.  Please follow the link to read our

Privacy Notice for pupils and their


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