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General Information on School Closure

Now your children are at home and you are looking for activities to help keep them occupied and learning, please go to the year group pages and/or the more links page for loads of ideas. If you need more paper based resources and don't have access to a printer, please email us at superheroes@burleystmatthias.co.uk and we will try and send more resources through the post - assuming we can still get to a post office!

We are anxious not to loose contact with any of our pupils - if we don't get an email from you, don't see you completeing assignments on Purple Mash, Times Table Rock Stars or anywhere else, we will try and give you a ring to see if you are alright.

The current advice is that where a member of the household has any of the symptoms below that person must self isolate for 7 days and the WHOLE HOUSEHOLD should self isolate for 14 days:

  • New persistent cough and/or
  • High temperature of over 37.8 degrees.

Full guidance on self isolation is available on the government website here.

We continue to be open for some of our most vulnerable children and the children of key workers, as and when there is no other way for them to be safely at home.  We are really grateful that (unlike what we are hearing from some other school) parents are respecting this offer and not abusing it - THANK YOU!  If your circumstances change and you think you may need a childcare place, please get in touch.



For families living in the Burley area the church are offering support.  Please spread the word.

Managing your mental health

If you are starting to feel the strain of all this, or even if you are not, take some time out to read and have a look through these resources.

Parents Help for Mental Health


Here are some links to good advice if you are struggling:


Getting in touch

If you need to get in touch with school you can ring the office while we remain open.  In the event of school being closed, please email jtimmins@burleystmatthias.co.uk

We should be able to access the school computer systems remotely during a closure so please get in touch if your phone number changes or there is anything else we need to be made aware of.

As well as updating these pages, we will also send out text messages when needed.  These will still only go to Priority 1 contacts, so please forward them to others in your family as needed.

Children with SEN

If you know your child is learning things from a year group below their age group, please have a look at the sort of things being suggested by other teachers.  You will have had information about their current working levels at parents' evening recently.

We are also hoping to add a specific SEN tab to this section of the website.

Family Support

If you need family support during the school closure you can email learningmentor@burleystmatthias.co.uk or ring 07891278262

Leeds City Council has set up a series of hubs across the city to coordinate volunteer support.  All volunteers are trained and checked on the DBS service.

Numbers to call are:

0113 378 1877  for people who can’t get out, need help with shopping, medication etc.

Welfare support number: 0113 376 0330  for families in financial difficulty, help with food, energy bills, welfare applications etc.

Email: help@kvdt.org.uk  

St Matt's Church also have emergency food parcels available.  Call 0113 328 1441 or email help@stmattsleeds.co.uk

The Foodbank at St Mary's, Hawksworth Wood is open every Friday from 10am-12pm.  No referral or voucher needed.

There is no need for any family to hungry at this time.  Please get in touch.

Learning during school closure

We have posted resources and ideas to help children and families continue their learning at home now and over the coming weeks and there is guidance on how to manage home learning here.  These will be a mixture of the following:

  • Reading, reading and more reading - anything and everything!
  • Links to online/ web based apps and activities.
  • Sheets of simple to understand worksheets.
  • All children will have a blank exercise book to record their learning and experiences during this unprecedented time.
  • Ideas for projects and investigations
  • Ideas for everyday learning oportunities.

Depending on the length of the closure, teachers will try and ensure the pages are refreshed with new ideas and resources.  However, please be aware that some of our staff will have their own young children at home to look after, and some may become ill themselves, so please be patient if your child's year group page looks different from another one.

There is no particular expectation on children to do any or all of these activities - some types of activities will suit some families more than others which is why we have tried to provide a broad range to meet as many needs as possible. Don't feel limited - you can do and record anything you want. There will be major amounts of dojos awarded for children who get really stuck in though! Plus, who knows, one day your coronavirus diary could be worth a fortune!


Online courses

CENTURY is offering free support to all schools and FE colleges closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Students will receive access to thousands of CENTURY's learning resources in English, maths and science. Their learning will be supported by an AI engine that creates a personalised learning path for each student, identifies gaps in knowledge and remedies misconception. 

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