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Governor attendance at meetings 2022/23

Full Governing Body Meetings

Debbie Dettmar /        
Kate Cameron /        
Cllr Hannah Bithell /        
Hahmiz Butt /        
Chris Drew /        
Gemma Fletcher /        
Joe Rossiter /        
James Barnett A        
Hilary Gunura Willing 0        
Momina Aziz 0        
Zion Omyade /        
Sobia Khan          

Attendance of Governors at committee meetings 2022/23

Resources Committee (A and B)

Momina Aziz /          
Kate Cameron /          
Hahmiz Butt  /          
Zion Omyade A          

Chris Drew

Joe Rossiter (Chair) /          


Teaching and Learning Committee

Kate Cameron      
Cllr Hannah Bithell (Chair)      
Gemma Fletcher      
Sobia Khan      
Hahmiz Butt      


Pupil Support Committee

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Debbie Dettmar      
James Barnett      
Hannah Bithell      
Momina Aziz      
Joe Rossiter      
Hilary Gunura Willing      
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