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More about Governors' work

The Governors' Role in School

  • We aim to give all of our children the best possible education
  • We set ambitious plans for the school
  • We make sure we spend our money well

We meet every term to plan and review the work of the school. We consider reports and information from:

  • The Head Teachers and other staff
  • Advisors and others who visit the school
  • Governors who visit the school to look at aspects of school life
  • Parents
  • The School Council

We then assess how well the school is doing and how it can do better.

We also meet in small groups because there is too much work for one group. We have three main committees who report back to our full governing body:

Resources – makes sure that we spend our money wisely, that we have enough staff, and checks our buildings and playgrounds are safe

Teaching and Learning – makes sure all our children are reaching their potential and making good progress, especially in Reading, Writing and Maths, and that the quality of our teaching is good

Pupil Support Committee – makes sure that our children are safe and behaving well.

Governors' Handbook

Governor Development Priorities 2017-18

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