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Year 5

September 2020

Welcome to the Y5 class page. 

It is great to have you all back in school although it feels quite different to what we are used to.  Due to COVID-19, we know and understand that people may need to self-isolate and/or bubbles may have to close.  Fortunately, this should not impact on learning as we will keep you updated with what we are learning in school and provide you with work to do at home if you need to isolate but are not unwell.  Work will be set on Google Classroom and children have been shown in class how to log on to this.

Please see the summary of our learning challenges, which will be updated every week.

Miss Fletcher

Get Going in Year 5

If you are at home self isolating and you are well enough to do some learning we would like you to go onto Google Classroom to see what work your teacher has set for you.  If you can't, or it doesn't work for you, below this section is what your class are learning this week so see if you can match what you are doing to on here.  if you are REALLY stuck and your can't do either of those things, here is your 'Get Going' sheet with ideas of things that are always good to work on.

What are we learning in Y5 this week?

W/C 28th June 2021

English/ SPAG: this week we are learning to write persuasive letters and will be trying to make an argument about school uniform.  Do you think it should be more strict or less strict?  What are the benefits of wearing school uniform?  Or would you prefer that we didnt have any uniform and everyone could come in whatever they want?  We will be exploring the suffixes -ant and -ent as well as how to use formal conjunctions. If you want to access the Oak Academy lessons they are here 

Guided Reading: Coming soon - for now try to make sure you read something for pleasure every day.

Maths: this week is some geometry work.  We started by measuring and drawing angles, but that will be quite hard to do at home.  Instead we will look at how to calculate angles: on a stright line, around a point and in shapes.  We will also be revising triangles and quadrilaterals and doing some reasoning about 2 and 3D shapes.



Computing: Make a slide show presentation about life and learning in Year 5 to show to children in Year 4.



E Safety

Online Safety

Leeds Prevent: Online Safety Information for Parents

'With many of our children currently off school and staying home due to COVID 19 the potential for online exploitation will be at its highest.
Although rare, there is a risk that with increased online activity, feelings of stress and isolation may be exploited. An understanding of digital safety will help parents and carers safeguard loved ones from a range of harms, whether that’s child sexual exploitation, fraud, or extremist influences seeking to radicalise vulnerable people.' 
Click on the Leeds Prevent link above for more essential information.

Online communication and safety 'Being able to send messages and talk to other people is an important part of modern life.  The internet has opened up lots of new ways for us to communicate.'  Use the link below for useful information and games for your children to be reminded about being safe online.  ​KS2 internet safety.

Also, for those that have it, the safer schools app has plenty of information and advice for parents.

Counselling and wellbeing for young people from Kooth'Commissioned by your local Clinical Commissioning Group, Kooth.com is a free, online counselling and emotional wellbeing platform which is available to young people aged 10-18 years across the Leeds area.'  Kooth: Young People Online Counselling and Wellbeing Support | Healthwatch  Milton Keynes



Image result for tiktok logoAs we break up for the summer, it's crucial that we consider our online presence. During the lockdown, we have been fortunate to have an online community to stay connected with friends and family. It's easy to forget that we must consider our safety online in all areas. Please take a look at this article regarding the TikTok App, and stay safe!

Image result for safer schools app logo

Here is another fantastic link to the 'Safer Schools' app.

Ideas/Things To Do

Non-Screen Things you could do regularly:

Here are 25 non-screen activities that your child can do at home.



Other information for parents:

Wondering about mental health during this time? Use the link below to access some useful information.


Children's Mental Health Awareness Week | OU News



Practice your spellings at home. This half term, we are recapping on the Y3/4 Statutory Spellings. However, if you would like an extra challenge, you could start learning some of the Year 5/6 spellings now!

Useful Links

TTRockstar  improve your Times Table skills. Can you become a rockstar?

Watch BBC Newsround regularly to keep up to date with the news and discuss what you watch with an adult.

Click here for some creative symmetry.Need some quiet time? Try these apps for free and help your worries melt away...(make sure to ask your parents first):




Find a copy of our Guided Reading text to read if you are stuck at home.


The Secret of Platform 13 by Eva Ibbotson

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