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PSHE (personal, social and health education)

Click here to download our Long-Term Plan for PSHE, and the main scheme of work we follow: You, Me, PSHE. You will also find our vocabulary progression document here. 


In addition to You, Me, PSHE, we also use the Leeds City Council MindMate Lessons teaching resource. This is an emotional literacy curriculum designed to support class-based discussions and learning around mental health and wellbeing. The lessons are written by a range of teachers, mental health professionals and consultants in partnership with other services and groups. They are modern, engaging and evidence-based. The MindMate Lessons prioritise the following key skills: 

  • self-awareness
  • self-regulation
  • motivation
  • empathy
  • social skills

Knowledge Organisers

Year 1

Year 2

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Year 4

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Year 6


PSHE is taught through the You, Me, PSHE scheme of work in Years 1-6, and supplemented by the MindMate Lessons from Leeds City Council (see below).  

Our children acquire knowledge, understanding and the skills they need to manage their lives now and in their futures. The scheme develops the qualities and attributes children need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society and the global community.  You, Me, PSHE is implemented throughout the Key Stage 1 and 2 during whole class PSHE lessons focusing on different topics each term and is embedded through all lessons and the whole school day with everyone supporting and encouraging the children they interact with to use the skills they are developing and to make links to other areas of learning.  

The aims of PSHE within our school are to provide children with:  

  • accurate and relevant knowledge  
  • opportunities to create personal understanding  
  • opportunities to explore and challenge a range of values, attitudes, beliefs, rights and responsibilities  
  • a range of skills and strategies to live a healthy, safe, fulfilling, responsible and balanced life

Our curriculum deals with the diverse beliefs, values and attitudes that individuals and societies hold. It helps pupils to develop themselves, their understanding of the world, and their ability to communicate their feelings. Children at BSM also acquire an understanding and experiences of British values that are necessary if they are to make sense of their experiences, value themselves, respect others, appreciate differences and feel confident and informed as a British citizen. 

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