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Design Technology


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Design Technology is taught in Years 1-6 using the ‘Kapow’ scheme. Units have been carefully selected to ensure gradual progression towards the National Curriculum end of key stage attainment targets and to ensure all of the five strands (Design, Make, Evaluate, Technical Knowledge, Cooking and Nutrition) are covered in enough detail.

Some key areas appear less frequently than others, for example Textiles, and this is deliberate. In the National Curriculum, working with textiles is only a small element of the ‘Make’ strand and many of the making techniques covered in the Kapow Textiles units are also covered with a range of materials in other units, such as the use of templates, modelling, measuring and marking out, cutting, shaping and joining. Similarly, in certain year groups the coverage of key areas is deliberately imbalanced as there is strong progression between the years and to omit one of the units would negatively impact on this.

Design Technology is recorded in a simple A4 folder which will move with the child throughout their school life. 

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