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Year 4

12th June

Hi to everyone in Year 4!

I hope that you're all keeping safe and staying at home. We are now in the second half of the summer term and the work we are planning for you has a consistent structure.  We are still linking the tasks in with the BBC daily lessons wherever we can so follow the link to these on the 'Online links' section.

This term we are also starting BLOGGING as a safe way to keep in touch with eachother.  Log on to Purple Mash, select the green "Sharing"  and then "Shared Blogs" on the top of the menu bar and choose your class blog.  We would like everybody to blog at least once a week so we can see what you've been up to and check you are all OK.  Full instructions for how to blog are here.

Stay well!

Mr King

                                                Meet your new teacher!

 Miss Fletcher will be setting up group zoom meetings with other children in your class! It will be a chance to chat with each other before September. Please ensure you have access to zoom and you will get a text message to give you details of the meeting.  You will receive a Year 5 Newsletter from school but you can also view it by clicking here.

Information for parents/carers

Celebration Assembly - Parents Welcome! | St John's PrimaryRemember to look out for the text link to our Friday celebration assemblies.  What a great opportunity for us all to virtually gather together! (sign up to zoom for free so you can join in.)  You can also view our assemblies on the blog page of Purple mash

Let's Talk About Racea helpful video for children to watch, which discusses what racism is. The story 'Let’s Talk about Race' is also read aloud.

The killing of a black man by a white police officer in America has sparked worldwide protests about racism. 

At BSM we say "NO!" to racism. We provide a calm, caring and stimulating environment, where children learn through a wide variety of experiences.  Our children are taught to value and respect the diversity of religions, cultures and customs and to value one another... We are one big family where EVERYONE IS SPECIAL. 


Cartoon pencil writing clipart – Gclipart.com

Do you need some motivation and inspiration for writing?   Quick-fire write for KS2 children will get that pen writing!  Have a go at the weekly short writing challenges - perfect for home learning and practising those important writing skills.

Online Satefy.

Leeds Prevent: Online Safety Information for Parents

'With many of our children currently off school and staying home due to COVID 19 the potential for online exploitation will be at its highest.
Although rare, there is a risk that with increased online activity, feelings of stress and isolation may be exploited. An understanding of digital safety will help parents and carers safeguard loved ones from a range of harms, whether that’s child sexual exploitation, fraud, or extremist influences seeking to radicalise vulnerable people.' 
Click on the Leeds Prevent link above for more essential information.

It is so important that your children are using the internet safely, especially  at this time. Here is another link to some online activities and advice on this.  The 'safer schools' app also has lots of information to help you with this.


Do you have younger children at home?  Here is an ebook that is a helpful way to explain and discuss corona virus. The Scared Gang Have to Stay at Home

Free Home Learning Resources  CGP educational books have some offers and free worksheets for Y1 -Y6 available through their website.  Click on the link for more information.

Virtual Tours...

In school we have been studying the Ancient Egyptians. If you would like to take a virtual tour of some of the sites and musems then follow the links below.

360 Museum Tour

Tomb of Menna

Tomb of Queen Meresankh III

Ideas and things to do

Activities that don't need a computer

Let's try some Yoga!

Sometimes a good stretch can feel awesome, so try some of these poses to feel relaxed and flexible! Remember to breathe slowly and deeply...

Mountain Pose

Elephant Pose

Crescent Moon Pose

Tree Pose

Remember to get outdoors whilst the weather is lovely. 

Kids yoga vector set | Pre-Designed Illustrator Graphics ...Part of the Solution

There are a lot of changes happening in the world today, and this is a great time to reflect on those changes, as well as our own ideas about cultures, stereotypes, differences, and similarities. Click here for a thoughtful Powerpoint about Racial Differences, and how our ideas can affect others.

Different Cultures Stock Pictures, Royalty-free Photos & ImagesSelf Portrait

How do you see yourself? How long has it been since you've drawn yourself? Give it a go by following the instructions here. Use a mirror, and take your time.

This is me' (With images) | Self portrait art, Kids art projects ...Marble Run

Are you an engineer at heart? Can you design things from everyday objects? Have a go at creating your own Marble Run with only a few household items. Click here for instructions, and don't forget to take pictures of your creations and share them!

a year above the shop: Cereal box marble run

Online links

From 20th April the BBC are providing home learning resources online and on the red button on your TV.  Follow this link.

Oak National Academy are also providing online English, maths and a range of topic lessons.  Even a weekly assembly is accessible, each Thursday!

Click here for KS2 information about how the internet works.

Here is a link to some activities related to the Tokyo Olympics.

Here's the link to Purple Mash.  I will be setting you some challenges on here soon.

TTRock Stars - can you become a star while you are off school??

During this time, Joe Wicks is holding    LIVE PE LESSONS every Monday-Friday from 9am on his Youtuve Channel. Children, get moving and have fun!

First News

Keep up-to-date with current affairs! Click on the links to read the news:

Current News: 10-16th July 2020

First News Headline: Should I Stay or Should I Go?  

Comprehensions: L1, L2, L3 

Puzzles: L1, L2, L3 

Big First News Quiz of the Year:           Test your knowledge on the following subjects:  Animal news, Science news, Sport news, World news, UK news, Arts & Entertainment news, plus a 'Cracy but True!' section.

Last week's news: First News Headline: Could COVID-19 Cure the Climate Crisis?  Debate (level 3): After the lockdown, should more be done to tackle air pollution?  Comprehensions: L1, L2, L3  Puzzles: L1, L2, L3  Quizes: L1, L2, L3

Keep in touch

Please use our class blogging page on Purple mash to keep in touch.  It's a great way we can all keep in contact with each other.

Reading and Writing

English-Reading and Writing-week of 06.7.20


Goblin Facts (@Goblin_Facts) | Twitter


Here are some activities to complete based on the Y3/4 statutory spellings. 

Spellings activity mat

Work booklet


From now on we are going to be using White Rose Maths week by week.  From Wk 3 these should link in with the BBC lessons.

Learning challenges for W/C 


This week you will be working with money. I hope you enjoy this challenge!


Video Links to help

Lesson 1 - answers

Lesson 2 - answers

Lesson 3 - answers

Lesson 4 - answers

Learning challenges for W/C 13.07.20:


Lesson 1 - answers

Lesson 2 - answers

Lesson 3 - answers

Lesson 4 - answers

Check out Weavesilk for more symmetry fun!

There are 4 tasks and a Friday challenge that you should complete. It makes sense to try to complete one maths lesson each day, there will also be a FRIDAY CHALLENGE!

Practical Task-  Cook a pizza for your tea (with parents help) cut the pizza into 8ths. If you eat 2 slices what fraction is this? What is an equivalent fraction to this?

Extra work including for half term:

Alternative units for 'half term' week (25.5.20):

Lesson 1- What is a fraction?

You also have a few tasks linked to this learning on Purple Mash.

Other Activities

Learning challenges for W/C 06.07.20: 

This week you have tasks on Purple Mash that will require you to research using the internet. 

Topic –You are learning about Ancient Egypt.This week you will be finding outabout what games they would have played.

Use this link to find out why farming was so important to Ancient Egyptians.

Science-  On Purple Mash Complete your task on what happens to the body during exercise. This video outlines the importance of exercise.

Are you missing your Friday music sessions? Click on the links below, as Mrs Rivers has some lessons for you!

Lesson 2.  

Lesson 1.Free Free Singing Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art ...

Mental Health

Looking after your mental health is incredibly important in these unpredicatable and stressful times. You may be worried about the health of vulnerable family members, you may be concerned about the impact of the Corona Virus on your income, you may be finding it difficult to explain to your children what is happening in a way that won't upset them.

It is vital that you take time to look after yourself and try to find some time each day to slow down and relax, even if it is only for a few minutes.

In Year 4 we have been working on our mental health since September with a series of guided visualisations, similar to a guided meditation, accompanied by relaxing music.

I have put links to a selection of the scripts that I read to the class below. These scripts have helped us to deal with anxiety, thankfulness, self awareness and relaxation.

I have also put the video that we use to help us focus our attention below. On many occasions, just listening to the music has helped us find a moment of quiet and peace.

These guided visualisations are in no way religious or spiritual but are meant to provide a structure for individuals to find a quiet space in a very busy life. Please ask your children about their experience of these 'meditations' in school and perhaps find a few minutes each day to try them together.

Above all, look after yourselves and those around you.

Mr King

Letting go of Worries  Spring Renewal  Deep Breathing Meditation  Bucket of Kindness

Here are some resources that may also be useful for you to use:

How I can look after myself  Mood measure  My happy place  Things I like about myself  Worry dolls 

I hope these can help you at this time! 

Send your pictures to superheroes@burleystmatthias.co.uk

Let us know what you've been up to and check out what's going on at Superhero school on the special tab.

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