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Year 4

July 17th

Greetings families,

COVID-19 has presented a very tricky time for everyone and you have all been rewarded with a 'Child Friendly Leeds' certificate for all of your efforts during this period.  A big thumbs up to you all!  Unfortunately, we haven't been able to end our school year in the usual way but it has been wonderful to keep in touch with you all.  You will be able to continue using the class blog on Purple mash if you wish, during the summer break (Full instructions for how to blog are here). 

I hope you all continue to follow the guidance to keep safe and well during the holidays, whilst enjoying time with friends and family.  

I look forward to seeing you all in September and no doubt you will have all grown and will be ready to start Y5!  

Stay well!

Mr King

  You will receive a Year 5 Newsletter from school but you can also view it by clicking here.

E-Safety Over the Summer

Image result for tiktok logoAs we break up for the summer, it's crucial that we consider our online presence. During the lockdown, we have been fortunate to have an online community to stay connected with friends and family. It's easy to forget that we must consider our safety online in all areas. Please take a look at this article regarding the TikTok App, and stay safe!

Image result for safer schools app logo

Here is another fantastic link to the 'Safer Schools' app.

Information for parents/carers

Online Safety

Leeds Prevent: Online Safety Information for Parents

'With many of our children currently off school and staying home due to COVID 19 the potential for online exploitation will be at its highest.
Although rare, there is a risk that with increased online activity, feelings of stress and isolation may be exploited. An understanding of digital safety will help parents and carers safeguard loved ones from a range of harms, whether that’s child sexual exploitation, fraud, or extremist influences seeking to radicalise vulnerable people.' 
Click on the Leeds Prevent link above for more essential information.

It is so important that your children are using the internet safely, especially  at this time. Here is another link to some online activities and advice on this.  The 'safer schools' app also has lots of information to help you with this.


Do you have younger children at home?  Here is an ebook that is a helpful way to explain and discuss corona virus. The Scared Gang Have to Stay at Home

Free Home Learning Resources  CGP educational books have some offers and free worksheets for Y1 -Y6 available through their website.  Click on the link for more information.

Virtual Tours...

In school we have been studying the Ancient Egyptians. If you would like to take a virtual tour of some of the sites and musems then follow the links below.

360 Museum Tour

Tomb of Menna

Tomb of Queen Meresankh III

Ideas and things to do

Read, any way you can!

Help around the house

Get moving-inside or outside!

Summer Homework

Year 4 English/ Answers

Year 4 Maths/ Answers

Online links

Here's the link to Purple Mash.  I will be setting you some challenges on here soon.

TTRock Stars - can you become a star while you are off school??

Keep in touch

Please use our class blogging page on Purple mash to keep in touch.  It's a great way we can all keep in contact with each other.

Reading and Writing

To be updated as necessary.


Here are some activities to complete based on the Y3/4 statutory spellings. 

Spellings activity mat

Work booklet


To be updated as necessary.


Other Activities

To be updated as necessary.


Mental Health

Looking after your mental health is incredibly important in these unpredicatable and stressful times. You may be worried about the health of vulnerable family members, you may be concerned about the impact of the Corona Virus on your income, you may be finding it difficult to explain to your children what is happening in a way that won't upset them.

It is vital that you take time to look after yourself and try to find some time each day to slow down and relax, even if it is only for a few minutes.

In Year 4 we have been working on our mental health since September with a series of guided visualisations, similar to a guided meditation, accompanied by relaxing music.

I have put links to a selection of the scripts that I read to the class below. These scripts have helped us to deal with anxiety, thankfulness, self awareness and relaxation.

I have also put the video that we use to help us focus our attention below. On many occasions, just listening to the music has helped us find a moment of quiet and peace.

These guided visualisations are in no way religious or spiritual but are meant to provide a structure for individuals to find a quiet space in a very busy life. Please ask your children about their experience of these 'meditations' in school and perhaps find a few minutes each day to try them together.

Above all, look after yourselves and those around you.

Mr King

Letting go of Worries  Spring Renewal  Deep Breathing Meditation  Bucket of Kindness

Here are some resources that may also be useful for you to use:

How I can look after myself  Mood measure  My happy place  Things I like about myself  Worry dolls 

I hope these can help you at this time! 

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