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Reception Class

Welcome to the Reception class page. We hope everyone is safe and well. Here you will find lots of activities and links to help you continue with your learning at home. 

BLOGGING is a safe way to keep in touch with eachother.  Log on to Purple Mash, select the green "Sharing"  and then "Shared Blogs" on the top of the menu bar and choose your class blog.  We would like everybody to blog at least once a week so we can see what you've been up to and check you are all OK.  Full instructions for how to blog are here.

Love from Mrs Wood and Miss Cordingley

Meet your new teacher!

From next week Mrs St. Rose will have group zoom meetings with other children in your class! It will be a chance for us to chat with each other before September. Please ensure you have access to zoom and you will get a text message to give you details of the meeting.  You will receive a Year 1 Newsletter from school but you can also view it by clicking on the link above.

Celebration Assembly - Parents Welcome! | St John's PrimaryRemember to look out for the text link to our Friday celebration assemblies.  What a great opportunity for us all to virtually gather together! (sign up to zoom for free so you can join in.)  You can also view our assemblies on the blog page of Purple mash

Let's Talk About Race: a helpful video for children to watch, which discusses what racism is. The story 'Let’s Talk about Race' is also read aloud.

The killing of a black man by a white police officer in America has sparked worldwide protests about racism. 

At BSM we say "NO!" to racisim. We provide a calm, caring and stimulating environment, where children learn through a wide variety of experiences.  Our children are taught to value and respect the diversity of religions, cultures and customs and to value one another... We are one big family where EVERYONE IS SPECIAL. 

Ideas and things to do

Non - Screen Activities

Maths Problems of the Week: 

This week, find some old junk around your house to model with, for example, old cereal boxes or tin cans. I want you to build a model of anything you like and then write down the 3d shaoes you have used. Can you write down the properties of those shapes too? you will use vocabulary such as 'curved, straight, edge, corner, face'

Keep writing!

Please update our blog and share with your friends what you have been up to at home! 

Keep practising your handwriting and pencil control by writing something everyday. Write a sentence about your facourite book, or start a diary and write about something your have done each day. You can use these sheets to trace / copy patterns and practise letter / number formation.

Get crafty! 

Can you recycle some household objects to make your favourite book character?

Other information for parents

Online Safety

Leeds Prevent: Online Safety Information for Parents

'With many of our children currently off school and staying home due to COVID 19 the potential for online exploitation will be at its highest.
Although rare, there is a risk that with increased online activity, feelings of stress and isolation may be exploited. An understanding of digital safety will help parents and carers safeguard loved ones from a range of harms, whether that’s child sexual exploitation, fraud, or extremist influences seeking to radicalise vulnerable people.' 
Click on the Leeds Prevent link above for more essential information.

Other internet safety information: During the school closures, children will be using apps and different websites for their learning and games. Using computers is fun and interesting but it is very important to make sure apps and websites are safe before children use them. Use the link below for useful information and games for your children to be reminded about being safe online 

Internet Safety

Here is a helpful way to explain and disucss corona virus with young children Coronvirus - A book for children

Online links


Letters and souds have a uploaded an 'introduction to phonics' for parents and carers. They are starting daily lessons from Monday 27th April. Follow the link to discover the sessions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8C8BCB4hvc&feature=youtu.be

Fun games on phonics play. Children will benefit from playing games in phase 2,3 and 4.


From 20th April the BBC are providing home learning resources online and on the red button on your TV.  Follow this link.

Oak National Academy are also providing online English, maths and a range of topic lessons.  Even a weekly assembly is accessible, each Thursday!

Active body and mind

Supermovers, this is a great link to get your body moving and keep you fit!

During this time, Joe Wicks is holding    LIVE PE LESSONS every Monday-Friday from 9am on his Youtube Channel. Children, get moving and have fun!

GoNoodle. 'GoNoddle: GOOD ENERGY at HOME is a free online resource that provides tons of ways for kids and families to be active, stay mindful and keep on learning! 


Topmarks EYFS maths games

Keep in touch

Please use our class blogging page on Purple mash to keep in touch.  It's a great way we can all keep in contact with each other.

Reading and writing

Reading and Writing

*w/c 6th and 13th July 2020*

Read this story 'Rainy Day Rabbit'. Ned and rabbit ponder magical ways they can bridge the distance between themselves and their friends

Click this link to read the story and complete the activites. This booklet provdies 2weeks of learning.


practise these tricky words, read them, spell them and use them in a verbal and written sentence! 

Phase 2 tricky words

Phase 3 tricky words 


Number and Shape 

Please fid below daily maths task for the next two weeks

*w/c 6th July 2020

Please comple the following tasks each day, tasks are based around the story 'Oliver's Vegetables'

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday 

*w/c 13th July 2020*

Please comple the following tasks each day, tasks are based around the story 'The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet'

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday

Other Ideas

Other Areas

*w/c 6th July 2020*

In this weeks session, we will be thinking about germs on our clothes; how they are transmitted onto our skin and clothes, and the need to keep clean. We will look into how we can stay clean by washing and changing clothes, and look at the functions of a washing machine. The children will work on creating a visual of a ‘before and after’ of their uniform following a visit to school. From this, we will explore other ways of keeping clean so that we can keep healthy.

Click this link, then press 'start lesson'

Singing Class

Mrs Rivers Lesson 2 

Mrs Rivers  Lesson 1

Send us your pictures to superheroes@burleystmatthias.co.uk

We'd love to see what you've been up to!  Send us your pics and messages and we'll post them up here so you can keep in touch.  See what we've been doing at Superhero School on the special tab.

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