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Who's Who

Co-Headteachers:  Kate Cameron and Debra Dettmar

Key Stage 1 Leader:  Mrs M St. Rose
Key Stage 2 Leader: Miss A Saxton 
School Business Manager:  Mrs J Timmins

SENCO:  Miss G Fletcher

Our Reception Class Staff are:

Class Teacher: Mrs R Wood / Mrs A Cordingley
Support Assistants: Mrs N Naseem

Our Year 2 Staff are:

Class Teacher:  Miss N Marray
Support Assistant: Mr A Ahmed

SEN Assistant: Mrs K Hudson

Our Year 4 Staff are:

Class Teacher: Miss A Saxton (Miss Saxton will be leaving on maternity leave during the Autumn term and will be covered by Mrs H Huxley)
Support Assistant: Miss E Bunning

SEN Assistant: Miss S Gibbons

Our Year 6 Staff are:

Class Teacher: Miss E Grabowski
Support Assistant:  Miss M Aziz

Our Learning Mentor is: 

Mrs H Jackson

Our Site Staff are:

Superintendent:  Mr H Mohammed
Cleaners:  Ms V Cox & Mrs V Ireland

Our Kitchen Staff are:

Mrs J Ragan (Cook in Charge)
Mrs M. Rhodes
Mrs L. Mistry
Mrs G. Patel

Miss L. Winter

Our Child Protection Designated Officers are:

Kate Cameron, Debra Dettmar, Helen Jackson

Please contact them immediately if you have any concerns about safeguarding at our school.

Our Year 1 Staff are:-

Class Teacher:  Mrs M St Rose
Support Assistants: Miss C Beard & Mr S Watts

Our Year 3 Staff are:-

Class Teacher:  Mr T King
Support Assistant:  Mrs S Wigglesworth

Our Year 5 Staff are:-

Class Teacher:  Miss G Fletcher
Support Assistant:  Mrs J Bibi

Our Office Staff are:

Business Manager: Mrs J Timmins
School Administrator:  Ms S Thomas

School Administrator: Mrs S Chant

Our Lunchtime Staff are:-

Mrs J Bibi - Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Thethi
Mrs V Cox

Miss L Leith

Our Breakfast Club Staff are:

Mrs K Hudson

Miss L Leith (Miss Leith will be on maternity leave in the Autumn and will be covered by Miss S Ramzan)

Our SENCo (Special Aducational Needs Coodinator) is:

Miss Gemma Fletcher

She can be contacted through the school office.

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