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Year 1

Welcome to the Y1 class page. 

Remote Learning and Self Isolation from Spring 2022 

  • A ‘Get Going’ (see section below) sheet with lots of ideas of things that children can usefully practice 
  • An outline of the current topics of learning so that children can research or find resources from other sources such as the BBC website or Oak Academy 
  • Lesson by lesson work can be requested from school if you feel your child is able to complete such work but will not be posted automatically as this is time consuming for teachers.  This work will be on Tapestry 
  • Even if requested, depending on the current capacity in school, it may not be possible for the full curriculum to be provided (for instance if the class teacher is not available for work) 

If the whole class has to close for any reason, a full remote offer will be provided if at all possible (again depending to some extent on staffing capacity).  This will normally involve: 

  • A daily class zoom meeting at 3pm
  • Daily lessons and activities in Maths, English and one or two other subjects posted on Tapestry

Get Going in Year 1

If you are at home self-isolating but you are well enough to be busy with some learning we would like you to go onto Tapestry to see what work your teacher has set for you.  If you can't, or it doesn't work for you, below this section is what your class are learning this week so see if you can match what you are doing, to on here.  If you are REALLY stuck and your can't do either of those things, here is your 'Get Going' sheet with ideas of things that are always good to work on.

What are we learning in Y1 this term?

Please use this section if you are self-isolating and need to keep up-to-date with your learning.

Next half term, our topic is all about the seaside... Come back to this page to find out more after the half term break!

What to practise regularly:

Remember to also read your reading book.  You could also practise your best handwriting by copying sentences from your book, or asking a grown-up to dictate the sentences to you!

Movement breaks: stay active throughout the day with BBC Supermovers!

Extra Handwriting: Revisiting the correct formation of all the lower-case letters, using the Y1 list of spellings (see below in 'ideas and things to do').  You could also learn how to spell the days of the week.

For reading and writing revision, please focus on the reading activities sheet that was given as ideas and homework a few weeks ago (also attached). 

Additional Information for Parents

Tapestry | Oakleigh School and The Early Years Intervention Centre

Your Tapestry accounts are active... Please ensure you have your Tapestry details up-to-date as this is the platform we will be using for remote learning if people need to self-isolate and for homework.

 Tapestry information and permissions letter.

Tapestry help videos:

Setting up your account

How to add information and photos 

It is adviseable to enable notifications so you are kept up-to-date with new homework and/or remote learning challenges if your child is self-isolating.

How to add 'observations' information for parents.

Free Home Learning Resources  CGP educational books have some offers and free worksheets for Y1 -Y6 available through their website.  Click on the link for more information.


Keeping children safe on-line: it's crucial that we consider our online presence. During the lockdown, we have been fortunate to have an online community to stay connected with friends and family. It's easy to forget that we must consider our safety online in all areas. Please take a look at this article regarding the TikTok App, and stay safe!

Image result for safer schools app logo

Here is another fantastic link to the 'Safer Schools' app. KS1 internet safety.  Also, for those that have it, the safer schools app has plenty of information and advice for parents.

Online Satefy: Leeds Prevent: Online Safety Information for Parents Click on the Leeds Prevent link for essential information.

Ideas and things to do

'25 non-screen activities' that you can do at home

Handwriting and letter formation:         patterns , letter , number formation.

Spellings: Y1 spelling list activities

More Y1 spelling list activities

Maths: Autumn term home learning booklet Place Value: within 10


Phonics screening information

Children in Y1 will take a 'phonics screening check' in June 2022.  Here is a link to some information: 'Phonics Screening Check, A Guide For parents' .

Here are some resources for you to use to practise with your child at home: 

Practise list 2   Practise list 3

June half term homework: Phonics screening activity booklet.

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